Siso Systems are certified FileMaker developers with a wide range of experience in developing bespoke software systems. FileMaker systems provide companies with a solid backbone for recording data and performing day to day tasks. We have experience in deploying specifically tailored database systems in a variety of industry sectors including education, manufacturing, medical and health service, publishing, leisure, retail and travel.

The performance of FileMaker is outstanding whether you require a large amount of users or you have a small team working on a database system. Siso Systems have developed everything from simple one-man-band software solutions to complex ERP software and everything inbetween. Some examples of what we have developed systems to control include:
• Inventory Management
• Stock Control and Management
• Production Scheduling
• Document and File Management
• Transport Planning
• Accounts, Invoicing and Record Keeping

Every system that we design and develop is tailored to your exact business needs.
Our system logic is built to synergize with your business logic resulting in processes that work for you!